Brenda Aguilar-Rodriquez

Marketing Coordinator

Lisa Castellano

Senior Administrator, Payroll & Human Resources

Tracy dePass

Business Manager
Offord Group, a Marts & Lundy Firm

Lorry E. DiCecco

Director of Marketing & Public Relations

Nikita Graham

Proposal Writer

Regina Haney

Lead Proposal Writer

Matthew R. Hassert

Manager, Business Information Systems

Philippe G. Hills

President & CEO
Senior Consultant & Principal

Alison Holt

Senior Consultant and Managing Director, Communications
Offord Group, a Marts & Lundy Firm

Martha H. Keates

Senior Consultant & Principal
Vice President, Client Services and Business Development

Mike Kohn

Chief People Officer

Robert C. Miskura

Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Leah O’Donnell

Group Operations Manager

Nicholas Offord

Senior Vice President, International

Angela C. Sheffer

Marketing Coordinator

Christy Shields

Director of Client Relations

Michael F. Sinkus

Senior Consultant & Principal
Vice President, Consultant & Client Engagement

Elizabeth Standard

Associate, Client Services

Anna Strickland

Contracts Administrator

Droslyn C. Suggs

Senior Associate Consultant, Client Services