Brenda Aguilar-Rodriquez

Marketing Coordinator

Lisa Castellano

Senior Administrator, Payroll & Human Resources

Tracy dePass

Business Manager
Offord Group, a Marts & Lundy Firm

Lorry E. DiCecco

Director of Marketing & Public Relations

Nikita Graham

Proposal Writer

Regina Haney

Lead Proposal Writer

Matthew R. Hassert

Senior Finance Manager

Philippe G. Hills

President & CEO
Senior Consultant & Principal

Alison Holt

Senior Consultant & Principal
Managing Director, Canada

Charles J. Melichar

Senior Consultant & Principal, Vice President for Strategic Marketing & Business Development

Robert C. Miskura

Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Leah O’Donnell

Group Operations Manager

Angela C. Sheffer

Marketing Coordinator

Christy Shields

Director of Client Relations

Elizabeth Standard

Associate, Client Services

Anna Strickland

Contracts Administrator

Droslyn C. Suggs

Senior Associate Consultant, Client Services

Sarah W. Williams

Vice President for Consulting Engagement & Analytics