What sets us apart from every other firm?

Deep experience with a proven track record

In business for 90 years, Marts & Lundy offers a depth and breadth of expertise that no other firm can match.

Innovation built on research

Throughout our history, Marts & Lundy has brought new ideas and new tools into fundraising consulting. Further, we have active Practices in Arts & Culture, Health Sciences, Higher Education and Independent Schools. In these groups our consultants share strategies, analyze trends and develop research projects, all in order to provide our clients with unmatched solutions.

Solutions tailored to client needs

We craft fundraising plans that are unique to each situation. We focus on the ideas, strategy and solutions that fit each client’s distinctive culture.

True client collaboration

We respect and honor the leadership, staff, and volunteers we meet during each client engagement, and we value their experience and knowledge of their own institution.

A focus on sustainable, long-term solutions

Our work goes beyond filling a temporary void; we work hand-in-hand with clients to develop strategies, plans and programs that will far outlive our work together. We believe we will be successful when our consulting relationship with each client leaves them stronger than before we began our work together.

Leader in analytics

Some of our most innovative work is found in integrating the art of fundraising with the rigor of analytics. We originated a number of transformational advancements in the field of fundraising, such as the Capacity Analysis and the Online Constituent Survey.