A history of exceptional results.
A future rich with innovative solutions.

We believe in philanthropy’s power to transform and enhance not only the institutions with which we work but, more importantly, the world in which we live. This is why we were founded in 1926 as one of the very first fundraising consulting firms, and it is what continues to inspire our work today.

Our goals are ambitious—we work to help each of our clients reach and sustain their philanthropic potential and thereby fulfill their missions. Each talented and experienced fundraising consultant brings an unmatched range of expertise and services to client engagements.

As a full-service fundraising consulting firm with an international client base, we have our fingers on the pulse of today’s nonprofits. We are a recognized leader in helping institutions of all sizes build a “culture of philanthropy.”

The reality of philanthropy consulting is that the world around us is always changing, and our clients face new challenges with each new year. That’s why every fundraising consultant at Marts & Lundy is exceptionally talented, and we commit to a culture of forward thinking teams that implement today’s best solutions while developing tomorrow’s next innovation.

With offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, we serve clients across the globe bringing international perspectives on fundraising with an acute understanding of the distinct community that is home to each.

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