The Influence of Donor Opinions on Charitable Giving

The Influence of Donor Opinions on Charitable Giving

A single feasibility interview captures a donor’s opinions and informs individual cultivation strategies—clearly an important component of campaign planning. With more than 5,600 feasibility interviews captured in Marts & Lundy’s database, we wanted to know what thousands of data points could tell us about the significance of certain opinions on donors’ willingness to give.

In our latest edition of Curating Knowledge, we share our findings. Specifically, we examine the influence of:

  • Attitudes toward the organization
  • Perceptions of the President
  • Assessments of the Board

You can download our report here:

The Age Old Question: What Factors Lead to Giving?

Data from the report resides in our proprietary database, which is ever-expanding and provides unparalleled context to fundraising strategies.