Accurately Interpreting Feasibility Interviews

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Accurately Interpreting Feasibility Interviews

We all agree that conducting one-on-one meetings with top donors and prospects is a critical step in the campaign planning process. But how do you accurately interpret the findings and translate them into successful strategy? Context.

In our latest edition of Curating Knowledge, we examine benchmarking as a tool for extracting a deeper and more accurate understanding of key constituents. Specifically, we address these two commonly asked interview questions:

  • How would you describe your current attitude toward the organization?
  • When you consider making charitable gifts, are you more likely to make a gift to endowment or expendable support?

You can download our report here:

Key Constituent Interviews: Beyond Face Value

Data from the report resides in our proprietary database, which comprises more than 5,600 feasibility interviews – with new data constantly added. This ever-expanding database provides unparalleled context to our clients’ studies.