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Even as the pandemic closed doors, isolated individuals and brought unthinkable sorrow — philanthropy rose to new heights, with donors of all kinds refusing to allow this existential threat to dampen the spirit of generosity. Now, more than ever, it is an honor to be among those who wake up each day to advance missions and to make the world a better place. At Marts & Lundy, we are inspired by what we’ve seen and what we’ve learned from the resiliency of our clients, their donors and our people. And we are boldly focused forward.

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New Staffing Models Born Out of Crisis

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The Strategic Plan: Your Opportunity to Design for Sustainability

Now is the time for school leadership to reexamine existing strategic plans to determine if course corrections are needed...

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Key Considerations for Implementing Metrics

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Two Paths to Mega Gift Philanthropy

Traditionally an outcome of a long-term relationship with a donor, broader engagement giving is proving to be a growing path...

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