Whom We Serve

Annually, schools make up over one third of our clients.  These schools come in all shapes and sizes, with annual giving programs ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars, and campaigns ranging from a few million to several hundred million.

Service to our school clients is enhanced by the existence of our Schools Practice Group.  In this Practice Group, consultants share strategies, analyze trends, develop research projects and prepare position papers to keep Marts & Lundy in the forefront of philanthropy to schools. (One such research project can be found in our website archives: Preparing for the Independent School Endowment Campaign

The Schools Practice Group is led by Kathleen Hanson, senior consultant and principal.  Along with her considerable experience in assisting clients with their fundraising programs, Kathy is also a recognized expert in school marketing.  In 2011 she was selected to edit The NAIS Handbook on Marketing Independent Schools. Other members of our Schools Practice Group are listed below.



Ronald J. Arena

Senior Consultant & Principal;
Leader of Strategic Communications

Valley Forge, Pennsylvania

Daniel R. Boyer

Senior Consultant & Principal; Director of Client Relations & Business Development

Haworth, New Jersey

Karen Callahan

Senior Consultant & Principal

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Katherine Doub

Senior Consultant & Principal

Andover, Massachusetts

Kathleen Hanson

Senior Consultant & Principal;
Leader, Schools Practice Group

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Martha H. Keates

Senior Consultant & Principal

Claremont, California

Fiona Kirk

Managing Director, Marts & Lundy UK
Senior Consultant

London, England

John G. Lewis, Jr.

Senior Consultant & Principal

Brookline, Massachusetts

Bruce R. McClintock

Of Counsel

New London, New Hampshire

Catherine H. McGrath

Senior Consultant & Principal, Analytical Solutions

Fairlee, Vermont

Charles J. Melichar

Senior Consultant & Principal, Strategic Communications

Franklin, Tennessee

Peter R. Ramsey

Senior Consultant

Weston, Massachusetts

Tracy G. Savage

Of Counsel

Arlington, Virginia

Taylor B. Stockdale

Of Counsel; Head of Schools, The Webb Schools

Claremont, California

Rachel Connell

Senior Consultant

Portsmouth, New Hampshire