Walter Donway

Walter Donway

Writer & Consultant, Communications


East Hampton, New York


Brown University

Walter Donway is a strategic communications professional with more than 40 years of experience with nonprofit organizations, working with them to conceive, write and produce fundraising communications that tell their story in ways that involve and motivate supporters. He has served clients across virtually all sectors of the nonprofit community including healthcare and medical education, university and secondary education, the arts, conservation, the environment, scholarships and fellowships, disease specific research and policy making. Working in a variety of capacities, he has completed capital and annual campaign case statements, prospectuses, brochures and grant proposals.

His understanding of strategic communications began in 1970, when he served as a director of fundraising at Brown University. He then began his work with New York City foundations, for which he spent three decades serving as a writer and editor of publications, public relations materials and speeches. His work in New York included his position as Program Officer and Director of Communications for The Commonwealth Fund from 1972-1982 and as Program Director, Communications Director, and Head of the Dana Press for the Dana Foundation from 1982-2002.

Walter has written dozens of articles for publications including The Wall Street Journal, Cosmopolitan, Medical World News, Iowa Review, Newsday, Private Practice, Pharos, Navigator and The New Individualist and for web sites including, and

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