Alumni Relations Has Never Mattered More

Any Alumni office has the responsibility to mobilize and support its graduates to advance the institution’s goals, and in far more strategic and measurable ways than ever. While this is true across institutions, how it is accomplished is a matter of vision, talent and resources.

Marts & Lundy is committed to advancing the role of Alumni Relations programs to achieve a bold and sustainable identity among campus stakeholders.

Innovators in the field.
Recognized as thought leaders in the Alumni Relations space, we bring a depth of experience to our clients’ business, deeply rooted in strategy and innovation with the ability to influence change and to create greater alignment across the Advancement spectrum.

We listen.
We recognize that alumni organizations are at different stage, and that resources, constituencies and culture are always distinct – so we take a well-rounded, bespoke approach to consulting.  We provide resources that assist you in your work no matter the stage of your alumni relations program.

Alumni Relations Management:
Christopher Vlahos, Senior Consultant & Principal


Organizational Assessment

How capable is your team of fulfilling the institution’s advancement mission? An independent organizational assessment provides a reality check on structure, operations and stakeholder expectations. Strategic gaps and opportunities will be identified pertaining to staff culture, campus collaboration an alumni engagement, and the structures and resources necessary to elevate the organization will be reviewed as it moves forward as a vital member of the advancement team.

Strategic Plan Development

Many alumni organizations lack concise, actionable plans that inspire purpose. A strategic analysis that looks at organizational barriers and opportunities will be conducted with broad stakeholder input to provide a framework for delivering the mission of the alumni office.

Metrics Assessment

Accountability in alumni relations shouldn’t be a foreign concept. But if your alumni organization conducts events and programming with no goals, measures or expected outcomes, you may be missing the boat. Clear metrics that link alumni engagement to giving will be identified that add value to the role of the alumni office.

Alumni Focus Group Research

What do alumni want? There is nothing more impactful than a conversational setting with alumni that helps to dig deep and identify their needs. Focus group facilitation will uncover attitudes central to elevating your brand proposition and level of alumni engagement, establishing a solid foundation for your messaging and calls-to-action.

Membership Program Review

Membership programs can provide an important revenue source for the alumni office’s bottom line and serve as a means to solidify alumni connections. Unfortunately, many membership programs lack organization and appeal – and at times can even work in conflict with institutional advancement goals.  We will evaluate the efficacy of the membership program to determine its cost effectiveness and alignment with the mission of the alumni office.

Volunteer Management Strategy

Alumni organizations rely heavily on volunteer support. Unfortunately, volunteer management can be an unwieldly process if alumni operate on their own agenda and timeline. Analysis will lead to structure that will ensure that your volunteer base rows in the same direction, leading to more effective engagement.